Epona - Secure your software

Securing every bit of your software

Software protection for your applications, to prevent attackers from stealing your assets and endangering your users.

Integrate it on your needs!

Don't let attackers get inside your applications and steal your secrets

Get safer but don't change the way you work!

Epona is a new compiler that integrates innovative software protection for code integrity, obfuscation, and tamper-proofing.

Seamless integration

Use it in a transparent way as it integrates easily with your favorite development toolchain.

Defense in depth

Obfuscation to prevent attackers' understanding of your application, anti-tampering to prevent modifications and anti-debugs to prevent dynamic analysis.

Fine grained configuration

Tune it easily to enforce the level of robustness vs. performance impact depending on the criticity of the code to protect.

Continuous improvement cycle

Designed and built by compiler specialists, code analysis experts and challenged by seasoned reverse engineers.


A software protection framework that scales with your business.


Supports software written in C, C++, and Objective-C for iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, and Linux on 32 or 64 bits x86 and ARM processors

How it works

Epona provides advanced software protection using LLVM, an industrial strength toolchain.

Code Obfuscation

Scrambles code flow and instructions to make the application difficult to understand

Data Protection

Conceals selected data to prevent disclosure of sensitive information


Verifies program integrity so that it can not be modified by unauthorized parties


Prevents dynamic monitoring to understand how the application works

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